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Center of Unified Healing


A Sacred Space





Zen Healing Sessions

  Commences with a free 1/2 hour consultation for the first session 

Quartz crystals are placed on the chakra energies.

 A blend of organic aroma essential oils are mixed tailored for your needs. 

This is followed by a combination of shiatsu points along the meridian pathways and with

intuitive and therapeutic movements delves into the body tissues loosening any stiffness in the muscles and regaining a balance in the chi energy.

The Yin Yang balance returns and

 aligns the body into a natural place

 of peace and harmony. 

Revitalised yet relaxed.

 A short meditation brings the healing session to a close.

 Treatment session prices 

Consultation 1/2 hour free

start at £55 for 3/4 hour

£70 for an hour

Concessions are available

For Bookings on Tuesdays or Wednesdays click here