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Center of Unified Healing

Emotional/mind & body balance


Inner Child Regression

Inner Child Regression Sessions have heart warming healing abilities.

By entering the realms of your psyche the inner child regression, 

  reveals memories about your inner child's existence.

This is where repressed emotions are held deep within the cells of your unconscious mind.


What happens is, 

Whenever there has been a disturbance or trauma 

the mind, for protective reasons, 

  does not hold the memory in the conscious state.

It is a coping method.

This can be the reason you do not always respond to certain situations in a positive way.

 Do you feel you are not doing what you want to with your life.

Do you find you do not action what you have said, and thereby 'not walking your talk'.


Does your head and heart say the same thing?

However, there has to be some memories that are good, the past may not have been all gloom and doom

in the same way you may recall .

Those wonderful times you did encounter in your childhood, can still be remembered, if you so choose. 

If you are feeling unfulfilled, or lack confidence, or do not feel good enough about yourself, 

or maybe feel a victim.

The expression of this are many and are manifested with an uneasiness inside. 

 Your inner world feels heavy.  

Your relationship with yourself is not integrated as a whole,

 Perhaps you do not see yourself in the correct or positive way.  

Do you feel lost, or fearful to action what you wish to, etc.

Everyone's perception is different of you, however, 

do you know your own perception of yourself?  Is it balanced and positive.

In other words do you trust in yourself?


The Inner Child Regression sessions have powerful healing ways to change 

 how you feel about yourself in the present moment, 

thereby, giving you the ability to make significant changes in the perception

 on how you see yourself and the situations around you.  

When you experience the change in you, watch how your life changes for you.


By revisiting those times with the inner child regression

 it can provide the ingredients to come to terms with yourself and the situations you find yourself in. 

Then you can comfortably see what adaptations are necessary to restore your balance once more

 and be the person you are meant to be.

The method used is a form of hypnotherapy with a series of guided regression journeys

 which take you on a journey back to your childhood and sometimes further back.

There are several types of regression ranging from 

age regression to inner child, past life, open ended, progressive open ended, 

somatic regression - remembering a feeling

We have a soul contract at the time of birth

 and when you are in touch with your Life Purpose

 your spirit and energy is lively and free, ready to take on new possibilities.

Our brains only have short term memory for this life time.

 To access previous lives, you need to drop into a subconscious state

 and guided back to where the repressed situations have taken over.  Once these are releasd.

Your whole persepective will change and you can move on.

You may be pleasantly surprised on how much you learn about yourself.

Every person deserves to feel good about themselves and to live a fulfilling life.

These sessions last around 1  &  1/2 hours

3 sessions are recommended minimum.  For bookings.

Belief Patterns Therapy

Belief patterns are part of our process from the moment we are born.

We take them on by observation and experiences. 


We believe we are good or bad.  

We believe in religion or not. 

 We either believe what is being said or we do not.

Unfortunately, the perception of taking on these beliefs may have fitted in that moment 

but this may not fit with where you are in the now.

This causes issues with the relationship you have with yourself, 

and the relationship you have with others. 

Repeat patterns are formed which are not satisfactory to your life.

A process of relinquishing the belief patterns that no longer serve you from their root

 will change your life and bring you into the moment where life can begin anew.

Sessions last around 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours.

Between 3 - 6 sessions are recommended 

Price is £90 per session 

3 sessions paid in advance are £250.

For Bookings