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Center of Unified Healing


A Sacred Space





Children's Zen Oracles

Suitable for ages 7 upwards

Here is an edition of Children's Zen Oracles which are suitable for children and teenagers.

The Oracles have been written creatively to educate thought.

The beautiful images have been designed by Anna.

To purchase a set of 26 Oracle cards with the booklet and pouch.

Currently sold in shops in Clapham, 

Westbourne Grove, 


 W. Hampstead.

The Crystal Company, Enfield,

N.W.6  Gift Shop

An ideal gift to give £25 plus p & p.

To purchase on line:   [email protected]

Children's Meditations

1. An Adventure in an air-balloon

Tuning into your awareness

2.  Swimming in the Pool


3.  The Dinosaur Meditation

Going back in time

4.  The Leprechaun and the Hat

Intriguing and fun

5.  The Spacecraft


Children's Meditations

6.  Winding Down Meditation

soft and soothing

7. Swimming in the Pool


8Harry Potter Meditation

confidence building

9.  The Magical Kingdom

calming and tranquil

10.  The Secret Garden

meeting nature spirits