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Center of Unified Healing


A Sacred Space





Bespoke Personalised Meditations

 Experience a three session personalised meditative programme,

to include a handwritten version 

 tailored to suit your particular situation in this moment.

This personalised meditation will address your soul issues and guide you to regain your equilibrium.


'Since I had meditations with Eilyen I find my life has changed.

I am more relaxed and calm.

I find I can change my situations easily when I need to.

Thank you Eilyen for your care'.


The Starter Package consists of three sessions on zoom.

The first session establishes your particular issues,

then a hand written personalised meditation will be created for you.

We will do the 2nd session together when you will receive the meditative journey and the third will establish your feedback to ensure the benefits.

To Book the Bespoke Meditation

Price commences at £100

Click here


The wonder of Meditations started when I taught a group of young children exercise and movement classes some years ago. 

 What beautiful children they were! 

 Half way through the exercise class they would shut the curtains and ask me to stop the class to receive a meditation, since they were tired of all their studies. 

 They would lie on the floor and listen to their guidance. Each week.

 their little bodies lie there still, taking in the many meditative journeys given to them with the different stories created.  

They were in a total world of their own.  The Bliss!

Then one day after many years I was greeted by a lady who, 

when she heard my voice said, 'You are Eilyen', I said "Yes" and she said, 

 "I will never forget your voice after the exercise class with your meditations".

 I didn't recognise this young lady, who had grown up from her childhood. 

And that's how it all began. 

A long long time ago!

The Benefits of Meditation  

After that I studied both the eastern and western way of meditation 

and decided to write meditations with a psychological approach to them.

 I realised that after a series of guided meditations was applied on a regular basis

  there were many benefits for the person receiving them. 

 Some of these are:

 the person's breathing improves, 

memory improves, 

positive attitude is found

  a stillness of the mind. 

 I even noticed that learning improved.

A calmness inside

Expanded consciousness

Awareness improved

Since then I have used meditation alongside all my teachings 

which were for adults too.

Nowadays, I write many personalised meditations.  

They are theraputic and spiritual and raise the vibration and frequency of the person.

This is much needed in our everyday living.

The Sacred Temple - crystal healing meditation

Relax and let your mind wander into a meditative journey with ethereal frequencies and crystal vibrancy.

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The Oak Tree Meditation - Strengthens your being

Each of the videos have been written with healing in mind and have therapeutic values.  Some of the music is binaural.

Switch off from your world and allow the space to lead you into a meditative state.

With Love and compassion.

The Healing Pool Meditation - Nourishing and soothing

The Ebb and Flow of the Sea - unwinding meditation