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Center of Unified Healing

Wisdom in Health & Well being


Which direction is best for you?

Do you understand what you need?  Have you identified the core issue?

 Which habits need changing? 

Are you experiencing pains in the body, relationship issues, 

do not feel good about yourself, lack energy, bury your head in the sand, 

feel like you are going around in circles etc.

If so

  a unified approach can be your compass to freedom.

The emotional mind has a large part to play when you are experiencing physical pain, 

and it often manifests itself in different forms 

For example if you have experienced a loss of someone dear to you,

 your pain is usually held in the lung and heart area.  

You might experience low energy, feel depressed and even a lust for life.

The compass may point to  

A series of Integrated Healing Sessions coupled with

 inner guided meditative journeys, 

and/or inner child regression sessions, for soothing the mind,

Any of these types of sessions may help improve your vibrancy and well being.

To book a session

contact me on [email protected] 

Additionally, consider a Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist, and for this

  I recommend Sophie who has helped many people with their healing progress

 supporting the immune system and hormones, and well being  etc.

She can be contacted on: 

It must be said that any medication or doctor's advice is respected and these sessions do not replace what is required from your doctor's advice.

Prices range between £60 to £110 according to the treatment and timing.  Advanced payments attract discount.

First consultation is free.

Eilyen Feirbairn Cert Ed., Theosophist, Past Life Regressionist, Aromatherapist, Author


 Thank you for taking the time to visit the

 Center of Unified Healing

It all began as a little girl when I experienced back pain. 

 The pain was there all the time, even at night time waking me up in the early hours of the morning. 


After being diagnosed by the hospital at the age of 17, that I had a condition that would not permit me to dance or a sitting down job, the search for alternative ways began.

I learned so much about body alignment and the relationship to the mind, energy fields, meridians,  chakras, crystals,

 past life regression, meditations, 

re-birthing, Feldenkrais method, osteopathy etc. 


Within two years I became a dance and movement therapy teacher and performer in dance.


 I took many courses in learning about healing one of them being aromatherapy, shiatsu lessons and past life regression

It is my pathway to be with integrated healing, movement, 

writing and teachings.  

In service in helping people through their

 mind, body and soul wellness