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Center of Unified Healing


A Sacred Space





Healing Circle

The Healing Circle is a sacred space to expand your  consciousness.  It consists of  meditation, astrology, psychic exercises, art, oracle cards etc.

They are usually held around New Moon and Full Moon


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Crystal writings

Lemuria articles

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Soul Contracts, Regression Journeys

Free Consultations

 Therapeutic regression sessions

Spiritual Counselling 


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Children's Oracles and Meditations

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Crystal Vibrancy 

In many ways people are seeing each other from different persepectives.

However, being in agreement becomes vital to stay in unity. 

We do not necessarily

 have to agree,  

we can agree to disagree. 

Being empathetic towards each other's different points of view.

Stay heart centred and compassionate.

Use crystal rose quartz energy.

Testimonials for you to view

Jill wrote

I love Eilyen's healing hands.  She is intuitive, healing and caring in all she does.

Andrea wrote

I am an aromatherapist and thermal stone therapist.  I learned the elements from Eilyen who taught me the essence of energy and chakras.  Thank you

Jane wrote

I experienced a series of past life regressions, and found a healing place within to regenerate myself.

I also experienced The Zen aromatherapy session which relaxed my body with her listening hands.

Lilli wrote

I found Eilyen's treatment and meditation to be healing and relaxing.  They helped me to recover from physical and emotional ailments.  

In gratitude to all of you for your kind words